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André Malraux : towards the expression of transcendence by David Bevan PDF

By David Bevan

ISBN-10: 0773505520

ISBN-13: 9780773505520

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The significant axes of inquiry are Malraux's ongoing quest for a measurement of transcendence inside of human lifestyles and, at lest as compelling, his look for the main acceptable and powerful potential in which to precise a altering information of simply what that size could be. now not strangely, in a global it appears doomed to languish within the spectral shadow of demise, there are particular constants: a craving for a few fraternity to strive against man's crucial solitude, a refusal to sink with no attempt into the vortex of the Absurd, a conviciton that lifestyles is to be lived absolutely and very. The human situation is what it really is. The ways that Malraux's characters, and naturally Malraux himself, take care of this display a transparent evolution, specifically from the 1933 novel los angeles situation humaine onwards. The reader follows Malraux from playful formative years during the dichotomy of soreness and glorification in his center years, in the direction of the essentially interrogative utterances of the mature guy. the usually frivolous, occasionally sardonic, humour of sweet sixteen provides method first to a painful acceptance of the abyss, then to the invention of a really tentative equilibrium within the philosophy of metamorphosis espoused by way of an older Malraux. André Malraux: in the direction of the Expression of Transcendence unearths the valuable steps through which Malraux accomplished that equilibrium.

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There, the working out in novelistic form of what Malraux seems to have distilled from his meditation on Lawrence culminates in what may well be the most succinct and exemplary formulation of Malraux's tragic vision - I refer to the little discussed Tibetan banner which, towards the end of the novel, serves as a backcloth to the human coupling on the bed below: "II [Ferral] regarda la peinture thibetaine: sur un monde d£colore ou erraient des voyageurs, deux squelettes exactement semblables s'etreignaient en transe.

Fleeting, but so provocative, this curious little scene taken from Malraux's La Condition humaine seems to have gone largely unnoticed by critics and has never elicited to my knowledge an analysis of any depth. At best, readers point cursorily to the passage's prophetically morbid quality, the lack of genuine contact, the very mortal reality that the flesh momentarily couches. And yet it happens to occur at a most meaningful point in the novel immediately prior to the accelerated denouement which commences with Tchen's suicidal attack on Chang-Kai-Chek - and has been carefully prepared by the preceding philosophical discussion between Ferral and Gisors which conceptualizes erotic experience.

9 The change was observed by Nino Frank, who attests that Malraux, an erstwhile "farfelu applique," had largely thrust aside incidental humour by the time of Pontigny in late 1926. a va sans dire' ... "10 The comic seems to require the withholding of an emotional commitment - "l'6pargne d'une depense affective" according to Freud, "une anesthetic momentanee du cceur" for Bergson;11 it elicits primarily a complicity between author and reader at the level of the intellect. As such it is far too restrictive, even distanciating, a mechanism for an author who seeks to express concern, let alone real anguish.

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