February 11, 2018

Alasdair McAndrew's An Introduction to Digital Image Processing with MATLAB PDF

By Alasdair McAndrew

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The unit8 data type is used for data storage only; we can’t perform arithmetic operations. If we try, we just get an error message: >> b1=b+128 ??? Error using ==> + Function ’+’ not defined for variables of class ’uint8’. We can get round this in two ways. 3. 4 shows some examples of functions which will have these effects. To implement these functions, we use the immultiply function. 4. 5. Compare the results of darkening b2 and b3. Note that b3, although darker than the original, is 40 CHAPTER 2.

To do this, we need to scale the values so that they are between and , ✪ ✥ ✥ rather than and . 2. As we have seen, none of the example histograms, after equalization, are uniform. This is a result ✁ of the discrete nature of the image. If we were to treat the image as a continuous function , and the histogram as the area between different contours (see for example Castleman [1], then we can treat the histogram as a probability density function. But the corre‘sponding cumulative density function will always have a uniform histogram; see for example Hogg and Craig [6].

1: Schema for transform processing 2. Neighbourhood processing. To change the grey level of a given pixel we need only know the value of the grey levels in a small neighbourhood of pixels around the given pixel. 3. Point operations. A pixel’s grey value is changed without any knowledge of its surrounds. Although point operations are the simplest, they contain some of the most powerful and widely used of all image processing operations. They are especially useful in image pre-processing, where an image is required to be modified before the main job is attempted.

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