February 11, 2018

New PDF release: Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster

By David Icke

ISBN-10: 0953881024

ISBN-13: 9780953881024

Because the horrendous day of September eleventh 2001, the folks of the area were instructed the large Lie. The authentic tale of what occurred on Sept. 11 is a delusion of untruth, manipulation, contridiction and anomaly. David Icke has spent good over a decade uncovering the strength that was once rather at the back of these assaults and has travelled to forty international locations in pursuit of the reality. He has uncovered their body of workers, equipment and schedule in a sequence of books and movies

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People and businesses can no longer earn enough to repay their loans and they go bankrupt. The banks then take over their real wealth, their business, home, land, car and other possessions - in return for non-repayment of a loan that was never more than figures typed on a screen. This has been going on in cycles over thousands of years, especially the last few centuries, and the real wealth of the world has been sucked out of the population and into the hands of those who control the banking system - the Illuminati bloodline families.

Roland Harriman, Prescott Bush and Percy Rockefeller, were in the same Bonesmen group. Averill Harriman, the Henry Kissinger of his day, would later make vast profits from Russian ventures and be appointed US Ambassador to the Soviet Union to advance Illuminati interests there. The US and Soviet governments were on different "sides" in the "Cold War"? Sure they were. It was all a game to dupe the people. Averill Harriman was also a controlling voice in the Democratic Party and dictator to President Franklin Roosevelt, he of the drugrunning Illuminati bloodline related to the Bushes.

All sides in the First and Second World Wars were funded by the same people, mainly through sources in Wall Street and the City of London (see And The Truth Shall Set You Free). The Illuminati use wars to change the face of society and create the opportunity to introduce their agenda of constant centralisation of power through the technique of problem-reaction-solution. They manipulate peoples and countries into conflict and fund the genocide until the status quo society is destroyed. Once that is achieved they can rebuild that society in line with their agenda.

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Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster by David Icke

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