February 10, 2018

Access XP Laminate Reference Chart (Quickstudy: Computer) - download pdf or read online

By John Hales

ISBN-10: 1572226668

ISBN-13: 9781572226661

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What makes replica sets unique is their support for automated failover: if the primary node fails, the cluster will pick a secondary node and automatically promote it to primary. When the former primary comes back online, it’ll do so as a secondary. 3. Replication is one of MongoDB’s most useful features and we’ll cover it in depth later in the book. 5 1. A working replica set Secondary Secondary Primary 2. Original primary node fails and a secondary is promoted to primary. Secondary Primary X Speed and durability To understand MongoDB’s approach to durability, it pays to consider a few ideas first.

You’ve probably noticed that in addition to providing a richness of structure, documents needn’t conform to a prespecified schema. With a relational database, you store rows in a table. Each table has a strictly defined schema specifying which columns and types are permitted. If any row in a table needs an extra field, you have to alter the table explicitly. MongoDB groups documents into collections, containers that don’t impose any sort of schema. In theory, each document in a collection can have a completely different structure; in practice, a collection’s document will be relatively uniform.

The driver is the code used in an application to communicate with a MongoDB server. All drivers have functionality to query, retrieve results, write data, and run database commands. Every effort has been made to provide an API that matches the idioms of the given language while also maintaining relatively uniform interfaces across languages. For instance, all of the drivers implement similar methods for saving a document to a collection, but the representation of the document itself will usually be whatever is most natural to each language.

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Access XP Laminate Reference Chart (Quickstudy: Computer) by John Hales

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