February 10, 2018

New PDF release: 1984 (Cliffs notes)

By F. Thompson

ISBN-10: 0822008998

ISBN-13: 9780822008996

ISBN-10: 0822071444

ISBN-13: 9780822071440

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Winston, under the influence of Julia, is slowly drifting toward a more physical orientation. Having lived in celibacy for nearly a dozen years and having had virtually no sex life during his marriage, he is emotionally immature. His immaturity displays itself in this situation, as the emotional immaturity of an adolescent displays itself in an initial romance. Winston is a case of arrested development. Now that he has been freed to develop, his view of the world will become more unrealistic. Already he is extending the possible time of his relationship.

His first novel, Burmese Days, based on his experiences in Burma, came out in 1934. In 1935 he published another novel, A Clergyman's Daughter, which makes use, in part, of his teaching experience. Although by now he had received critical comment in a few places, Orwell was not making enough income from his writing to depend on it entirely. His novel Keep the Aspidistra Flying, published in 1936, was based on his experiences at this time as a clerk in a bookstore. He became a socialist during this period, and when his publisher encouraged him to visit a depressed industrial area and write about his personal reactions, he took the opportunity to put his political convictions into action.

It is the destruction of that loyalty that is part of the retraining process Winston undergoes after his arrest by the Thought Police. Winston is civilized in the contemporary sense of the word. He is, by the standards of the readers' world, a normal individual, sane Page 16 enough. By the standards of Oceania, however, he is not sane. He has ideas and beliefs which are not appropriate to that time and place. That is why he must be retrained, indeed why he is guilty of thoughtcrime. Orwell suggests, of course, that in this as in other matters Winston is representative of all men in the Western world.

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1984 (Cliffs notes) by F. Thompson

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